Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

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The American Drug War: The Last White Hope takes an in depth look at one of the longest and most expensive wars in American history, the "War on Drugs". The film spans decades of policy decisions and governmental corruption that have resulted with not only more drugs on our city streets but also with thousands of addicts locked away in privatized penitentiaries. Filmmaker Kevin Booth does a tremendous job in bringing to light specific administrations and governmental agencies that have perpetrated heinous crimes on the very citizens that they are elected to protect. Although the hypocritical nature of the "War on Drugs" stems far deeper than can be interpreted by merely examining the issue on its surface this film boils down years of deceit and fraud into one simple source that should be viewed by every person in America.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this demented assault on human rights is how America has chosen to view the value of the lives of the people. Throughout the film it is exposed how various agencies within the government were shuttling in key upon key of cocaine into America to fund mercenary overthrows of South American governments. And at the very same time of this immoral ploy the "War on drugs" became a household name, promising the removal of all drugs off the streets. So as the government fueled both sides of the chess game of riches, the pawns of this nations were being shuttled into privatized penitentiaries never to see the light of day again. Because of the privatization of American penitentiaries each time a person is incarcerated, more or less, the stock of the owning company rises ever so slightly. So the very places that we trust in to "rehabilitate" our downtrodden citizens have every intention and interest to create more crime on the streets. So as the addicts flood into the prisons of the United Corporations of America they become a proverbial slave labor force to be used at the whim of the government for tasks ranging from restoring the roads and infrastructure to packing the card decks of the poker tables across Vegas.

To the majority of Americans it seems as though the days of enslavement and injustice have long faded into the annals of history, but to those who know the system well the days of slavery never ended. To this day there is a war being waged on the people and its only purpose is to suppress the actions of the population. This suppression is done through the poisoning of minds and bodies and eventually the capturing of these afflicted into the bonds of forced labor. These are the guiding principals of the "War on drugs." This is just another spark in the flame of tyranny that the US government has forced upon the people of this nation. No explanation is needed in fighting against such atrocities, however only one principle will stand to challenge it: No Justice, No Peace. Free your mind and wake up.