Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guerrilla Warfare

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On one night in 1956 Ernesto Guevara, accompanied by Fidel Castro and a small group of farmers and peasants, waged war on the U.S. backed dictatorship of Cuba. This band of warriors spent every waking moment of their lives in the pursuit of a more free land for them and their people. Using the tactics of Guerrilla Warfare these men not only took on the trained army of a country, but through their thirst for freedom and will to succeed they overcame the power of tyranny. Ernesto Guevara now known to the world as "Che" has become a symbol for not only disobedience but for successful revolution. Che was prepared to use the tactics and skills of guerrilla warfare to free nations throughout Latin America and Africa. This dream was soon shattered as he was executed by the CIA who feared the independence of the nations of the 3rd world. The book "Guerrilla Warfare" chronicles the tactics and mindsets Che and his men used in overthrowing the dictatorship in Cuba. From the psychology of war to the creation of rocket propelled Molotov cocktails the book trudges through and explains the battlefield necessary for revolution. Although meant for more practical application "Guerrilla Warfare" holds many of the keys necessary for opening true equality to the people.

One quality of not only "Guerrilla Warfare" but the entire Cuban revolution has stuck with me ever since studying their cause. They did not wait for change, they made it. This is a simple principle, I know, but it is one that is lost on so many people in struggle today. Make for yourself. Making a change for yourself is one aspect of revolution that is many times lost under the over arching problems of the community but that is essential for freeing any group of people. Self improvement, personal revolution. It becomes easy to waste away in the halls of our homes complaining and reflecting on what we don't have or the injustices that have come on us. We as a people, black, brown, red, yellow, and white alike must rise up. Do for yourself. Improve your community, get educated (not necessarily at a traditional school mind you), make some money, and pick up your fellow man. If we are truly to live in brotherhood then we must stop talking about community and actually become one. We are only as strong as the weakest link, so make yourself an unbreakable one. While others sway at the whim of the puppets in Washington make yourself a leader. For if enough people rise to their potential, then just as the others in history have freed themselves, our freedom shall be attained as well.

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