Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guerrilla Warfare

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On one night in 1956 Ernesto Guevara, accompanied by Fidel Castro and a small group of farmers and peasants, waged war on the U.S. backed dictatorship of Cuba. This band of warriors spent every waking moment of their lives in the pursuit of a more free land for them and their people. Using the tactics of Guerrilla Warfare these men not only took on the trained army of a country, but through their thirst for freedom and will to succeed they overcame the power of tyranny. Ernesto Guevara now known to the world as "Che" has become a symbol for not only disobedience but for successful revolution. Che was prepared to use the tactics and skills of guerrilla warfare to free nations throughout Latin America and Africa. This dream was soon shattered as he was executed by the CIA who feared the independence of the nations of the 3rd world. The book "Guerrilla Warfare" chronicles the tactics and mindsets Che and his men used in overthrowing the dictatorship in Cuba. From the psychology of war to the creation of rocket propelled Molotov cocktails the book trudges through and explains the battlefield necessary for revolution. Although meant for more practical application "Guerrilla Warfare" holds many of the keys necessary for opening true equality to the people.

One quality of not only "Guerrilla Warfare" but the entire Cuban revolution has stuck with me ever since studying their cause. They did not wait for change, they made it. This is a simple principle, I know, but it is one that is lost on so many people in struggle today. Make for yourself. Making a change for yourself is one aspect of revolution that is many times lost under the over arching problems of the community but that is essential for freeing any group of people. Self improvement, personal revolution. It becomes easy to waste away in the halls of our homes complaining and reflecting on what we don't have or the injustices that have come on us. We as a people, black, brown, red, yellow, and white alike must rise up. Do for yourself. Improve your community, get educated (not necessarily at a traditional school mind you), make some money, and pick up your fellow man. If we are truly to live in brotherhood then we must stop talking about community and actually become one. We are only as strong as the weakest link, so make yourself an unbreakable one. While others sway at the whim of the puppets in Washington make yourself a leader. For if enough people rise to their potential, then just as the others in history have freed themselves, our freedom shall be attained as well.

Che speaks about Imperialism

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 3rd World

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Dear Reader,

Recently rapper Immortal Technique released his new album "The 3rd World." Along with the release of his album he held a writing contest for students in high school in order to foster critical thinking and writing skills. So in replace of my normal post I will post the essay that I submitted to the contest. I hope to hear your feedback of my submission. Good luck to all who submitted and thanks ahead for the feedback.

Knowledge is Power

The United State's Relationship to the Third World

The tapping of sewing machines drones on hour after hour as logos from all across the earth find their place onto the cloth of a faceless country. As unit after unit pass through the machines the clank of the needles is interrupted by the scream of a young boy. The boy lay heaving in front of his machine as a pool of blood expands from the gnarled remains of his wrist. Upon examining the child the overseer of the plant realizes the damage and carries the boy out of the room and into the light of day. The boy is set down against a brick wall as another worker is called to fill his place from the crowded line that encircles the building. The productivity of the factory marches on unaffected…

In the wake of the age of imperialism the third world was released from the bounds of forced enslavement into an entirely revolutionized world. Countries spanning the globe from the depths of South America to the horn of Africa were all tackling the trails of creating governments and institutions to replace those left by the previous imperialist nations. The surge of freedom that washed over the people of these homelands soon proved to be a fa├žade as the pervious governments of Europe, although gone symbolically, were as much in control as ever.

As the parliaments and police swept out of the darker nations they left behind long lasting legacies of violence and slavery. These vicious actions left the people of these nations starving for self determination and government. Any leader who surfaced that did not have a white face filled the people with the hope that they truly were emancipated from the bounds of control. What the citizens of these areas failed to realize was that when the faces on the currency changed, the owners of it did not. Although their leaders changed from white to the color of the people, the companies of the imperialist nations continued to function without interruption. Everyday the people returned to their old posts creating clothes, mining minerals, and growing the sugar cane that would most certainly end up in the hands of the very people that had ruled their countries for centuries.

This total liquidation of resources and labor from the third world was forced to transform from pure robbery to an accepted trade. This was executed by the multi-billion dollar companies that had begun their exploitation of the third world years before and who were not willing to give up their industries. Through these companies pressure was put upon the last remaining super powers of the earth to regulate the third world. From then on the independence of nations became an illusion. As the United States entered a new era the main issue in the spotlight was the red scare. Wielding this powerful weapon the U.S. proceeded to quell and control the people and governments of the third world in order to rebuild in their own image. These newly constructed democratic nations were firm allies of the U.S. and were willing to do anything to please their new keepers. They were even willing to look beyond the well being of their own people to keep the favor of their new masters.

Here lies the true nature of the third world. As the corporate powers flex their muscles upon the policy makers in Washington so beckons the third world to their agendas. So as both the government of the United States and the governments of the third world answer to the same power their relationship is therefore illustrated. They are one in the same. Whether one hails from the dense jungles of Latin America or the concrete jungles of the South Bronx your freedom is sustained or withheld by the same entity. The corporate powers that lobby for laws to be passed in the U.S. force that same power on the policy makers throughout the world. The only difference between the citizens of the U.S. and that of other countries is that in the third world people yearn for freedom, and in the U.S. people foolishly think that they have some.

…The child can be heard wheezing more slowly as times moves on. Minutes pass by as the boy gives his last few breaths on this earth. A moment later only silence comes from the area near the brick wall. Although the child died his death was not in vain for somewhere a stock has gone up, a fraction of a point.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revolutionary Music

Dear Reader,

This is a compilation of tracks that speak to myself and a generation on the brink of revolution. You can use the player above to pick and choose the tracks to listen to by scrolling your mouse over the video. Use the arrows to find more and more songs. I will continually add new tracks as I find them. After this post gets pushed down the page you can find it on the right side of the page under the link "RevolutionTunes." Also on the right is the link to my YouTube page under "RevolutionTube." Hope you guys enjoy the music and leave any feedback on the comment section of this post.

Knowledge is Power

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

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The American Drug War: The Last White Hope takes an in depth look at one of the longest and most expensive wars in American history, the "War on Drugs". The film spans decades of policy decisions and governmental corruption that have resulted with not only more drugs on our city streets but also with thousands of addicts locked away in privatized penitentiaries. Filmmaker Kevin Booth does a tremendous job in bringing to light specific administrations and governmental agencies that have perpetrated heinous crimes on the very citizens that they are elected to protect. Although the hypocritical nature of the "War on Drugs" stems far deeper than can be interpreted by merely examining the issue on its surface this film boils down years of deceit and fraud into one simple source that should be viewed by every person in America.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this demented assault on human rights is how America has chosen to view the value of the lives of the people. Throughout the film it is exposed how various agencies within the government were shuttling in key upon key of cocaine into America to fund mercenary overthrows of South American governments. And at the very same time of this immoral ploy the "War on drugs" became a household name, promising the removal of all drugs off the streets. So as the government fueled both sides of the chess game of riches, the pawns of this nations were being shuttled into privatized penitentiaries never to see the light of day again. Because of the privatization of American penitentiaries each time a person is incarcerated, more or less, the stock of the owning company rises ever so slightly. So the very places that we trust in to "rehabilitate" our downtrodden citizens have every intention and interest to create more crime on the streets. So as the addicts flood into the prisons of the United Corporations of America they become a proverbial slave labor force to be used at the whim of the government for tasks ranging from restoring the roads and infrastructure to packing the card decks of the poker tables across Vegas.

To the majority of Americans it seems as though the days of enslavement and injustice have long faded into the annals of history, but to those who know the system well the days of slavery never ended. To this day there is a war being waged on the people and its only purpose is to suppress the actions of the population. This suppression is done through the poisoning of minds and bodies and eventually the capturing of these afflicted into the bonds of forced labor. These are the guiding principals of the "War on drugs." This is just another spark in the flame of tyranny that the US government has forced upon the people of this nation. No explanation is needed in fighting against such atrocities, however only one principle will stand to challenge it: No Justice, No Peace. Free your mind and wake up.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ESPN: Black Magic

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Recently ESPN aired a two part event chronicling the struggles of black's integration into the world of professional and college basketball. This revealing snapshot into one of the many obstacle filled journeys for a more equal society brings to light some of the best basketball players that ever lived, but that were not given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on some of the greatest stages in the world. The gripping stories of these blacktop warriors, both on and off the court, reveal the severity and dire circumstances that existed in this country only 40 years ago. These men not only changed the way black athletes were viewed by the public but how the game of basketball would be played forever.

One point that I found particularly disturbing and relevant to the struggles of all people of color today was one that was illuminated by former Southern University head coach Ben Jobe. At one point in the film Jobe was telling of the ground breaking style of play that was pioneered by his mentor and dear friend John Mclendon, who created what is now known as the fast break. Jobe told of how years after Mclendon had perfected and demolished opponents with his genius strategy and had long passed from the world of basketball Duke university entered the NCAA championship game. In this game Duke used a stunning technique of running up and down the court and slaughtered their opponent. The next day Jobe recalled reading the paper only to see the praise of Duke's head coach and his never before seen strategy. Jobe was sickened to his very core to see the work of his dear friend being stolen out from under him while he lay forgotten in the shadows. He then remarked that when the wealthy white Duke University used the fast break it was genius but when Mclendon used it it was "Jungle Ball."

This unfortunate trend of not noticing or caring about issues until they become "white" has been apart of not only the imperialist culture but of American culture for centuries. The examples of this trend stretch far into the annals of history from the first recorded people to sail around the horn of Africa to the problems that face us today such as AIDS or drug use. It has manifested itself all to often that things become evident to the public only when they affect the white main stream, and all other people are left to fend for themselves. Even today the hypocrisy and double standards that plague this nation are evident from the uncontainable spread of drugs and AIDS throughout the inter cites into the colonial style suburbs of the mainstream to the 1992 LA riots which were only quelled after the killing had spread from the African and Korean neighborhoods to the outskirts of Beverly Hills. Another potent example of this tragic occurrence was revealed in rapper DJ Quick's verse in regard to the school shooting panic of the late 90's:

Y'all rappin I'm talkin cool, and Columbine is not new
In Compton they shoot up schools too, ridin by to see who's who
Cock the shotty they cruise through, rock the body blood ooze through

This crippling double standard has left the abused people of this nation voiceless. No one cares to look down onto the streets from their media high towers or their secure place on capital hill. My sentiment is if they can't hear us, then we must yell. Too many times have the people of this nation, especially those of color, let the people in control dole out the resources amongst each other and just survive on the crumbs from master's table. It is time to bite the hands that feeds us. We can no longer just wait for others to make our problems go away because the reality we face has been ignored by the people in power for far to long. Only when we do for ourselves and look out for each other can we truly prosper in this country. When people of all colors stop bickering amongst themselves and stand up then we will have a true revolution on our hands, and that day my friends will truly be our day of atonement.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 Commercial

Dear Reader,

First Commercial for this webpage. Hopefully I did the clips justice and the message comes across well. Please leave feedback and comments on how you guys feel about it. Thanks again for all the existing readers I have and maybe this will bring along a few more hungry minds.

Knowledge is Power

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coolies: How Britain Reinvented Slavery

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The 18th and 19th centuries were a time where Britain owned and operated colonies throughout the entire world. There was not any given moment in time where the sun did not shine on a portion of British soil from the beaches of the Bohemian sugar islands, to the horn of Africa, to the mountains of the Himalayas. These vast stretches of colonies of course were acquired through the destruction of indigenous people and built tall and glorious on the broken backs of slaves. However when in 1838 the British government outlawed the trade and use of slaves, labor was still needed to operate the many plantations throughout the Britain of the new and old world. So in an effort to preserve their financial interests the British ventured into the lands of Asia, especially India, in search of a new labor force. They lured the unsuspecting peoples of these lands to mass depots where one stamp of their finger to a contract was all that was needed. They were signing their lives over to the British empire. These new indentured laborers were sent to the very posts that the former "freed" slaves were once forced into, to be driven by the same cracker and watched by the same overseer. This secret slave trade of contracted laborers spanned far beyond that of the "freedom" date in 1838. In fact this secret slavery stretched well up until World War I in the early twentieth century. These modern slaves were eventually given French and British citizenship during the 1920's after nearly 100 years of unjust and toilsome labor.

Although it is not far fetched and unfathomable to believe that Britain and other large imperial nations were not eager to relinquish their slaves, another more disturbing principal lies beneath this withdrawal of basic human rights. The outrageous aspect of this era in history is the illusion created for the people. It is stunning that for over 100 years people throughout the world believed that slavery had been demolished and condemned by the British and others, when in reality humans were being bought, sold, and killed as if it was just another chore to be done in a busy day. If the people of an entire planet can be suckered into such lies by the rulers and wealthy, as is evident throughout history, what else have we been lied to about?

WAKE UP. As is evident with the trafficking of humans for labor and the many other atrocities throughout history is that they go unnoticed and tolerated. This is where the real message comes to pass. It is time for the people of this nation to wake up and realize that the ruling class and the wealthy have taken a strangle hold on every aspect of our society. From the water we drink, to the things were taught in schools, to the slow dose of bullshit that flows down from the media like and I.V. we have been lulled into a comfortable existence with no room for improvement. This all takes place while the real rulers of this nation glance over the economy of America as the slave master did over his plantation. So ask yourself this: Whose slave have you become? Although the plantation days may be over make no mistake you are a slave. Your entire life is based on you doing what you're told and following orders, and if you choose not to follow the whims of the rulers, the luxuries you have come to know and love will fall into the abyss as your free will and independent thinking skills did long ago. So today people you may just continue on about your business, day by day beckoning at the call of your master, but in the not to distant future a stunning truth may come to light, a hidden atrocity if you will. So when that day comes don't be surprised or shocked, get angry. For when the people of this nation realize how they have been used and manipulated and stop bowing to the masters of this land, then my friends the revolution, which has anticipated and awaited for hundreds of years now, will become a reality. And on that day only can we truly call ourselves free.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


A Message to the reader:

First and foremost I would like to apologize for my lack of posting in the last week. I just put myself into a cough syrup educed coma to come over another assassination attempt on part of the imperialist influenza virus. I plan to make 3-4 posts this weekend and will try to keep a regular habit of posting. However in the daze that follows and overdose of nyquil I asked myself a question about this blog; Who reads it? Who am I writing to out there in cyberspace? Does anyone even read this? So as I continue to post new material I hope any existing readers I have or anyone at all will comment their thoughts about this web page on this posting. Please if you read or like this page at all let me know. Also if you have any revolutionary material to add to the page just email your own post or thoughts to Only together can we overcome.

The Struggle Continues,
Knowledge is Power

Sunday, February 3, 2008


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The satirical film Bamboozled covers many of the most divisive and important issues in our society today, especially for African-Americans and minorities in general. Lee's film covers the story of writer Pierre Delacroix as he attempts to get fired from his television network by creating the most offensive and racist TV series he can. By enlisting the help of street performer and tap dancer Manray, Pierre creates the New Millennium Minstrel Show in which black actors are subjected to acting in blackface. Manray's name is changed to Mantan and along with his partner Sleep-n-eat they move from the city onto a watermelon patch in the deep south during the post civil war reconstruction. Although Pierre prepares himself to be fired at his sheer disrespect towards the black race to his surprise his inherently racist script is taken by his superiors and turned into an overnight TV sensation. Spike Lee uses this film to tackle issues that are not seen and heard as much within the community as well as the public spectrum, but that desperately need to be heard.

The issue of what it is to be black and the preconceived notion of blackness is one of the most important controversies that still exists within the American people's minds today and one that is thoroughly covered in this film. From the beginning of the film the actors chosen to be in the menstrual show are forced to act in blackface no matter what their complexion actually is. Lee uses this not to show that skin tone is the matter at hand but that no matter who is chosen by the studio there job is to uphold the ideals of American Blackness. According to media and the constant portrayal of blacks on MTV, BET, and COPS, to be black in America is to be lazy, ignorant, angry, dangerous, and having an "I just don't give a fuck" attitude. This atrocity that America and it's media powers have created is one of the most destructive forces that they could have devised. It has put it into the minds of millions of young blacks that the only way to be themselves and fit in is to "keep it real." But "keepin it real" is one of the most dangerous mentalities that any people of the world can harbor, for if one is to stay "real" to the images of blacks on television then one is creating a race of people that will be crippled for life. It is time to throw off the white version of blackness and create our own, for if we allow their definition to rule and govern us then we are no better off then when we were in shackles.

Clip from the film: Is this what it is to be Black?

Although the preconceived notion of blackness is only one issue that is covered in this dynamic film there are many more facets of this satirical piece that can be analyzed. Such things include whites acting "black", Hip-Hop music and culture, blacks in the corporate world, the social responsibility of actors and other high profile blacks, the ideas of "house-niggaism", and the list goes on and on. Through this film Spike Lee took a big shot at the world in which we live and the people who control the images we see. In response his film was only aired in a few theaters due to public outcry at the images and ideas it displayed. In my opinion this film if viewed with the correct mindset can correct and bring to light some of the most damaging aspects of American society. It is obvious that in more ways to count that the government and media have made a strong effort to keep the people ignorant and it is up to us to tear away this mentality and fight back. If we don't act out and fight this ignorance than we will truly continue to be bamboozled.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Malcolm X

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Spike Lee's artistic genius exploded onto the screen in 1992 as he released the life of revolutionary hero Malcolm X. Lee's script was based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X and although Lee's interpretation tweaks a few details in the life of Malcolm his greatness was represented to the tee. The unique aspect of Lee's film is its vast coverage of all of the stages of Malcolm's life from his days as Detroit Red, as Malcolm X, and as El Haaj Malik El Shabazz. To tell the story of Malcolm X is to tell a story of transformation, for as Malcolm was changing the country he was to changing himself. This is the real attribute that Lee's film stresses, Malcolm the man. For even if you do not agree with Malcolm's political and world views it is undeniable the way Malcolm the person affected everyone around him. Malcolm inspired a nation to rise up and demand equality "by any means necessary." Even today Malcolm brings the best out of individuals who make a true effort to examine and study his life. As people study the life of Malcolm they find courage and wisdom in themselves that they never knew they had; that is certainly the case for this writer. I feel I am doing a disservice even writing this entry trying to tell the glory of Lee's vision of X for it may very well be the greatest motion picture in the history of cinema. Spike Lee's Malcolm X has given a rebirth to an almost mythical figure who made the dreams of millions a reality.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's Get Free

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Dead Prez's debut studio album Let's Get Free stresses exactly that: Freedom. Freedom from the powers of imperialism, freedom from gang violence, freedom from police brutality, and even freedom the poisons we put into our body on a daily basis. Their style, with a fusion of history and the realities of today brings a new mix and flava to a Hip-Hop game thirsting for knowledge. In today's world of intelligent hits like "Crank That" and "Yaaah Bitch Yaaah" being blasted on the radio it's a rare thing to find the work of sophisticated black men that are aware of and trying to reform the problems of America. At one point on this album a member of Dead Prez states that he is "steady headin for one conclusion, niggas aint ready for revolution." On the contrary though it seems as though through this album they have proved this; We know at least a few "niggas" that are indeed ready for anything. During the course of this album you will definitely find yourself deviating from the usual "throw ya hands in the air, and wave em like ya just don't care;" because you will surely find after a few tracks the only thing of yours remaining in the air will be a fist for revolution.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Murder of Fred Hampton

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This film is an excellent snapshot into the life of a revolutionary who will live on forever. Fred Hampton was the Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. His work on the streets of Illinois directly influenced the lives of hundreds but his voice was heard around the world. The first half of the film deals with Hampton's political views and has a vast array of footage that documents his superior ability to move crowds with his words of action. His true goal was change not just for blacks but all people at the hands of the oppressor including blacks, browns, reds, yellows, and whites. The second half of the film dives into the events surrounding the Chairman's death at the hands of Illinois Police Department. It is plain to see that after the evidence is shown Hampton did not die after a long stand off with police but was instead shot in the head as he lay asleep. This injustice stems far beyond the unjust murder of a party member but the indifference exhibited towards the extinguishing of black life by the government that is still evident today. Some of Hampton's famous words are that "You can jail the revolutionary but you cannot jail the revolution." Today it is evident through the current struggle for equality that you can kill the revolutionary, as they did with Fred Hampton, but you can't kill the revolution.

This Film is available in a four part video series on Youtube (My Youtube Page). Props to the uploader.

The Murder of Fred Hampton Part 1 of 4
The Murder of Fred Hampton Part 2 of 4
The Murder of Fred Hampton Part 3 of 4
The Murder of Fred Hampton Part 4 of 4

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Boondocks in ALL ways, shapes, and forms

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Aaron Mcgruder's brain child The Boondocks chronicles the life of 10 year old revolutionary Huey Freeman. Huey has to deal with racist neighbors, American governmental officials, imperialist schemes, and the 5th grade. Mcgruder has turned his newspaper comic into a anime series on Cartoon Network as well as over 5 collective books. The Boondocks addresses governmental corruption as well as the habits that his people have accumulated over the years. The Boondocks uses its satirical means to illustrate hypocrisies and faults not only within the system and the black community as well. At times it is hards to decide whether The Boondocks is a piece of revolutionary study material or just funny as hell. I'll let you decide.

All episodes streaming -

Revolutionary Vol. 2

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Immortal Technique's Revolutionary Volume 2 is one of the rawest displays of the frustration with the Racist American Capitalist system in the history of music. Technique breaks down problems with the governmental system, demonization of minorities in the media as well as media's corruption and government influence. He even breaks down the corruption and "sell out" mentality of the music industry in not endorsing and supporting any rap talent that has an overly political message. Technique's rhymes reach beyond the speakers and not only bob your head but smash a message into your ears that hopefully hits hope. He goes beyond just raw lyrical flow for the sake of being raw but to illustrate the direction the movement needs to travel soon. Radicals make change, not choir boys.

Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel

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Birth of a Nation is not your usual selection of revolutionary literature. This piece of satire depicts the events of the 2000 presidential heist and President Bush's rise to power. However with a clever twist of fate instead of just accepting another blow from the white man's arsenal of injustices the people of East Saint Louis (Florida) secede from the union to create their own nation. At first the government has no objection with the political move because they assume the town will return after a few weeks on their own. With brilliant strategizing in preparation for the break from the US the people of East Saint Louis create a bank which holds many offshore accounts of wealthy dignitaries from far off lands. With there influx of cash from this offshore bank (that happens to sit within the borders of the US) the people of East Saint Louis are a formidable foe to America and all hell breaks loose. The beauty of Birth of a Nation is that it combines the ideas of a social and national revolution with facets and benefits of satirical comedy. Creator Aaron Mcgruder's (Creator of newspaper comic and television show The Boondocks) use of satire and imitation as well as general observations about life for minorities in America makes Birth of a Nation a must read for the revolutionary with a sense of humor.

Live From Death Row

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This book contains a series of letters from political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia speaks out about the injustices one faces in prison from being experimented on with medications to being beaten mercilessly beaten by guards. Aside from the expected harsh treatments of people facing death by capital punishment Mumia speaks of the subtle but cruel dehumanization of people through various demoralizing tactics. He talked of this treatment as killing the mind before killing the body. These types of mind games are what make our "correctional" facilities a facade. Without educational programs and actual human reform all we do is break the minds and spirits of our societies illicit citizens creating a race of people with nothing to strive for and ultimately a mass of reoffenders. The powerful aspect of this book is that it is written by a man who is apart of and was raped by the corruption of the system. Mumia has been imprisoned physically for over a decade for a crime he did not commit. Although most would buckle under the very thought of this grave injustice he continues to write and speak for revolution. Mumia's determination and courage in a place of so much hoplessness and destruction alone is a model for the revolutionary in America. The system will never succeed in imprisoning his mind. It is time to FREE MUMIA!

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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Possibly the most important book one could read in search for truth and courage in fighting oppression, not only in America but across the world. This book covers the life of civil rights hero Malcolm X later known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Malcolm was born a small town country boy who elevated himself from a street hustler to maybe the most important figure in the civil rights movement. The words of this book flow from the pages as if Malcolm is in the room with you telling his story of transformation and faith. His life may very well chronicle every stage of the Black man's oppression in this land of America, from the harassment of the Klan, to the hells of prison, to media demonization of any thing of color with intelligence, and finally an unjust murder. Malcolm's story reaches across cultural and racial bounds to the heart of every reader in one way or another. For Malcolm was seeking what all people of this world desire, Justice.