Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coolies: How Britain Reinvented Slavery

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The 18th and 19th centuries were a time where Britain owned and operated colonies throughout the entire world. There was not any given moment in time where the sun did not shine on a portion of British soil from the beaches of the Bohemian sugar islands, to the horn of Africa, to the mountains of the Himalayas. These vast stretches of colonies of course were acquired through the destruction of indigenous people and built tall and glorious on the broken backs of slaves. However when in 1838 the British government outlawed the trade and use of slaves, labor was still needed to operate the many plantations throughout the Britain of the new and old world. So in an effort to preserve their financial interests the British ventured into the lands of Asia, especially India, in search of a new labor force. They lured the unsuspecting peoples of these lands to mass depots where one stamp of their finger to a contract was all that was needed. They were signing their lives over to the British empire. These new indentured laborers were sent to the very posts that the former "freed" slaves were once forced into, to be driven by the same cracker and watched by the same overseer. This secret slave trade of contracted laborers spanned far beyond that of the "freedom" date in 1838. In fact this secret slavery stretched well up until World War I in the early twentieth century. These modern slaves were eventually given French and British citizenship during the 1920's after nearly 100 years of unjust and toilsome labor.

Although it is not far fetched and unfathomable to believe that Britain and other large imperial nations were not eager to relinquish their slaves, another more disturbing principal lies beneath this withdrawal of basic human rights. The outrageous aspect of this era in history is the illusion created for the people. It is stunning that for over 100 years people throughout the world believed that slavery had been demolished and condemned by the British and others, when in reality humans were being bought, sold, and killed as if it was just another chore to be done in a busy day. If the people of an entire planet can be suckered into such lies by the rulers and wealthy, as is evident throughout history, what else have we been lied to about?

WAKE UP. As is evident with the trafficking of humans for labor and the many other atrocities throughout history is that they go unnoticed and tolerated. This is where the real message comes to pass. It is time for the people of this nation to wake up and realize that the ruling class and the wealthy have taken a strangle hold on every aspect of our society. From the water we drink, to the things were taught in schools, to the slow dose of bullshit that flows down from the media like and I.V. we have been lulled into a comfortable existence with no room for improvement. This all takes place while the real rulers of this nation glance over the economy of America as the slave master did over his plantation. So ask yourself this: Whose slave have you become? Although the plantation days may be over make no mistake you are a slave. Your entire life is based on you doing what you're told and following orders, and if you choose not to follow the whims of the rulers, the luxuries you have come to know and love will fall into the abyss as your free will and independent thinking skills did long ago. So today people you may just continue on about your business, day by day beckoning at the call of your master, but in the not to distant future a stunning truth may come to light, a hidden atrocity if you will. So when that day comes don't be surprised or shocked, get angry. For when the people of this nation realize how they have been used and manipulated and stop bowing to the masters of this land, then my friends the revolution, which has anticipated and awaited for hundreds of years now, will become a reality. And on that day only can we truly call ourselves free.


Anonymous said...

You are a slave to the arms-trade. There never was an abolition of slavery. The arms-trade is the slave trade. War is slavery. It's time to learn that 9/11 was a protest against the arms-trade, put on by the finest tree-huggers in the UK on the opening day of the world's largest arms-trade fair. Those weren't acts of terrorism, that was sabotage. What else do anarchists destroy with fire as a protest against the arms-trade? The Pentagon (arms) + WTC (trade) = arms-trade. What was so difficult? You didn't believe the media or the grey propaganda (conspiracies) did you? It's time for abolition of the arms-trade, it's time for revolution and freedom from those people in your government that make money from war. We are all brothers in this struggle. The course of action set on course on that day is winning, global capitalism is hanging by a thread, the never-ending The War Against Terrorism (T.W.A.T.) was never going to live forever.
Cool question and cool site, b.t.w. I submitted it to StumbleUpon for you.

Anonymous said...

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