Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel

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Birth of a Nation is not your usual selection of revolutionary literature. This piece of satire depicts the events of the 2000 presidential heist and President Bush's rise to power. However with a clever twist of fate instead of just accepting another blow from the white man's arsenal of injustices the people of East Saint Louis (Florida) secede from the union to create their own nation. At first the government has no objection with the political move because they assume the town will return after a few weeks on their own. With brilliant strategizing in preparation for the break from the US the people of East Saint Louis create a bank which holds many offshore accounts of wealthy dignitaries from far off lands. With there influx of cash from this offshore bank (that happens to sit within the borders of the US) the people of East Saint Louis are a formidable foe to America and all hell breaks loose. The beauty of Birth of a Nation is that it combines the ideas of a social and national revolution with facets and benefits of satirical comedy. Creator Aaron Mcgruder's (Creator of newspaper comic and television show The Boondocks) use of satire and imitation as well as general observations about life for minorities in America makes Birth of a Nation a must read for the revolutionary with a sense of humor.

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