Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Malcolm X

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Spike Lee's artistic genius exploded onto the screen in 1992 as he released the life of revolutionary hero Malcolm X. Lee's script was based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X and although Lee's interpretation tweaks a few details in the life of Malcolm his greatness was represented to the tee. The unique aspect of Lee's film is its vast coverage of all of the stages of Malcolm's life from his days as Detroit Red, as Malcolm X, and as El Haaj Malik El Shabazz. To tell the story of Malcolm X is to tell a story of transformation, for as Malcolm was changing the country he was to changing himself. This is the real attribute that Lee's film stresses, Malcolm the man. For even if you do not agree with Malcolm's political and world views it is undeniable the way Malcolm the person affected everyone around him. Malcolm inspired a nation to rise up and demand equality "by any means necessary." Even today Malcolm brings the best out of individuals who make a true effort to examine and study his life. As people study the life of Malcolm they find courage and wisdom in themselves that they never knew they had; that is certainly the case for this writer. I feel I am doing a disservice even writing this entry trying to tell the glory of Lee's vision of X for it may very well be the greatest motion picture in the history of cinema. Spike Lee's Malcolm X has given a rebirth to an almost mythical figure who made the dreams of millions a reality.


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There's no more inspiring right's fight story than Malcom X!!
It is my favourite movie because his life insire me to work hard for What I believe!!

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