Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's Get Free

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Dead Prez's debut studio album Let's Get Free stresses exactly that: Freedom. Freedom from the powers of imperialism, freedom from gang violence, freedom from police brutality, and even freedom the poisons we put into our body on a daily basis. Their style, with a fusion of history and the realities of today brings a new mix and flava to a Hip-Hop game thirsting for knowledge. In today's world of intelligent hits like "Crank That" and "Yaaah Bitch Yaaah" being blasted on the radio it's a rare thing to find the work of sophisticated black men that are aware of and trying to reform the problems of America. At one point on this album a member of Dead Prez states that he is "steady headin for one conclusion, niggas aint ready for revolution." On the contrary though it seems as though through this album they have proved this; We know at least a few "niggas" that are indeed ready for anything. During the course of this album you will definitely find yourself deviating from the usual "throw ya hands in the air, and wave em like ya just don't care;" because you will surely find after a few tracks the only thing of yours remaining in the air will be a fist for revolution.


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I apprsiate who you express yourself in a very honest and critical way.

It makes me think our generation isn't totally lost!!

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